Kraftwerk in Wellington

My own discovery of electronic music started in late-1980s to early-1990s, while in India. Forget about internet or mobile phones and most music was still played on cassette tapes. Having grown up on overly sentimental (or highly poetic) Hindi film music with a sad touch, I was looking for a positive sound from the future that was more instrumental. 

I went backwards from the current bands to eventually find Kraftwerk, and it ticked all the boxes perfectly for me. The band was orignally formed before my time on Earth, in the 1970s. It fused futuristic industrial-computer-man-machine themes so well, that it still resonates in the age of approaching AI singularity. Kraftwerk is widely regarded as one of the most influential bands in the history of electronic music, and their impact extends to various genres, including techno, hip hop, synth-pop, and more.

Kraftwerk coming to Wellington? It seemed unbelievable, especially considering the senior-most and orignal member Ralf Hütter is 77. It was my older son who persuaded me to finally buy the tickets. It speaks to the broad appeal of this music that there are fans in every generation. 

I'm not a habitual concert-goer so it was a novel experience for us both. We bought our tickets just a few days before the event, but knowing the layout of TSB Arena, we got seats that let us see the band closer-up and looking down to get a full few of the band members. What we hadn't bargained on was the perfectly tuned and augmented sound. I'm not particular about speakers and sounds, but this certainly 'refined' my appreciation.


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